On Sunday afternoon, my Camera Buddies photography group went to Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa to have a sociable, group photo-walk around the gardens and to see what the river was doing after last week’s rain and localised flooding.

We chose a small selection of  locations and used those to determine the style of our photos, concentrating on longer and shorter exposure as a small camera exercise. A couple of members had also recently bought circular polarising filters so the bring sunny day combined with the river made an excellent subject to try out the new filters with a few people on hand to offer assistance if needed.

We created images using the river, trees, bridges of different styles, reflections, flowers, and even the friendly squirrels! We had an interesting and enjoyable photo walk in the sunshine as well as having opportunity to offer some suggestions and specific help where required. Learning to use a camera fully takes time, patience and practice so group work is an ideal place to spend some time doing this. And I am always very pleasantly surprised at the variety of images created when we are all essentially using the same subjects. We review our photos online in our Members only area so we can offer more support and trouble-shooting after the event to continue helping one another.

If you are local to Kenilworth, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwick or Leamington Spa and love photography, you may like to contact me for details of our camera group. Being part of a friendly, local group of like minded enthusiastic photographers can really help you improve your photography techniques – whatever level of photographer you may be and whatever kind of camera you use.

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