If you would like to get better at your photography, what are the best 5 ways to make quick and easy improvements to your images? These are my favourite top five suggestions:

  1. Take photos often. Use any kind of camera to practice seeing and capturing an image. This can be on your phone, tablet, compact camera or DSLR – in fact, any kind of camera which you have with you is a ‘good’ camera!. Practice really does make perfect.
  2. Look at the subject you are photographing. Take your first photo then have another look. Think about changing your camera angle, the height you take the photo from, your perspective – even how close or far away you are from the subject can make a real difference. Look and experiment to find great angles and composition.
  3. Get to know your gear. Read your manual – find out one thing which you did not know about your camera or lens and then use find a way to use it. Take just one lens when you go out or use just one setting so you really get to understand how it works and how to make the most out of it. Try out gear which you haven’t used much or haven’t used in a while. Hire a piece of kit you’ve been wanting to try. Essentially, get to know all your gear so well that you can use it quickly when the appropriate circumstances arise. There’s nothing like putting your tripod up in the dark to make you realise just how much easier it would be if you had got to practice with it first!
  4. Start a project. Another new year is almost upon us. This is a fantastic time to think about a camera or photography project which you would like to do. Honing your skills by getting really good concentrating on one skill or genre can improve your photography greatly. Think of something you are interested in and then get started.
  5. Read, watch, listen and learn from the Masters of Photography. Study, absorb, kindle your interest by expanding your knowledge and understanding of other photographers. A really useful place to start is the Magnum Photos website. Have a look at the photographers’ section and you will see lots of photography names to choose from. Browse among the names and pick one who’s images you like. Find out as much as you can about them and you can’t help but become inspired to try out some ideas which will come to mind as you are learning.

Photographer with camera on photo course taking photograph in Warwick, WarwickshireFinally – as a bonus point – all of the above you can use by yourself to start improving your photography, but there is no substitute for spending some time with other photographers. The feedback and thoughts from other like-minded, enthusiastic photographers will help you to look carefully at your images and to consider their comments on areas you can improve, but which you had not noticed yourself. Camera groups, mentoring from experienced photographers, tuition, and photographic societies are all valuable resources who can offer support and advice.

Improving your photography with the support and company of other photographers who share your interests may also add to your enjoyment of creating images – and that in itself is a great motivator to take more, and better, photos as well as offering hands-on tips about your camera and imaging skills.

If you have any questions about how you can improve your photos, please let us know in the comments. If you would like to view our photography groups and courses, or would like to contact us for advice, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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