I thought I would start a series of some of the photography work which I have undertaken – I keep telling my customers to use the images which I take to show off their businesses, what they do, the people who work for them, and the products they produce – it’s about time I followed my own advice!

This morning I have booked in a photo session to do some more work for Knight and Rennie Estate Agents at their Lemaington Spa and Kenilworth office. Last year I took photos at a launch event for Clarendon Place – Knight and Rennie used some of the photos to make this smart looking montage.

Commercial Photography Event Estate Agent Property Leamington Spa Kenilworth Warwickshire Clarendon Place Knight Rennie Business Showcase Photo Image Professional

It shows just a flavour of their showcase event and it is very effective. As soon as you see it you know that it is about the great looking properties in the background, that there were lots of very interested people who attended, information was shared – and there even were fabulous jam-jar cocktails!

‘Showing off’ your business and giving information to your customers and potential customers in the process is often very effectively achieved when done visually, including using images – just make sure they are great, professional-looking images, and that they are presented in a way that best represents your business.

Looking forward to sharing more images, and how they have been used, with you soon.


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